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Del 28 Diciembre 2018 al 01 Enero 2019

The end and the newYear’s celebration at Naples

An original choice is defninetely to celebrate the end and the beginning of the year at Naples. Naples is a very changing town. It is never the same but  in a continuous metamorphosis. It is so far from both others towns’ stereotypes and approvals.This feature makes it eclectic, but at the same time unique. Spending the "last" of the year in Naples it means try its amazing traditional cooking which is celebrated by everyone for the typical  “cenone". But it also means to drink a toast in the squares with people you've never seen before; dancing, singing and  witnessing one of the Neapolitan typical arts: bangers and fireworks with the extraordinary natural scenery that is the Bay of Naples. Each year,The Vesuvius, admires the fireworks coming from the sea. To drink a toast under the sky of Naples is the best wish for starting another year of your life.

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