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Del 01 Enero 2019 al 06 Enero 2019

The Epiphany

According to this popular tradition, coinciding with the religious celebration of the gifts given to the newborn Christ, a not so good-looking and old lady comes during that night in all the houses inhabited by children. This not so kind lady is usually bringing, by flying on his broom, some gifts and presents to every child who has been good and diligent during the year. She leaves some very special socks full of sweets, candies and goodies. Unlike his more famous colleague Santa, the Epiphany, is not at all nice and quite, indeed. It 's absolutely forbidden to try to look at her because she could give you a nice blow on the head! However, it will be a good idea to leave her something warm on the table in order she can eat and become nicer with everyone! This tradition is gathered in the frenzy of searching for gifts through the open-air overcrowded neapolitan markets. It would be amazing and therefore terribly human to take part at this event!

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